Industrial and Commercial Coatings and Abrasive Blasting


Big City Library Leed Green Project
Big City Library Leed Green Project Interior
Boeing Long Beach Entire Assembly Hangar
Corporate HQ Major Studio
LA Museum of the Arts
Large Supermarket Distribution Center Canopy
Las Vegas Casino Complete Hotel
LAX "Candles" Interior Framework
Space Frames and Canopies
Survival Pool Superstructure Marine Base San Diego
Theme Park Dining Establishment Interior
Underground Parking Structure Leed Green Project


Industrial coatings and commercial painting exist in worlds all to themselves. Rarely does a painting contractor cross over from one discipline to the other.

Techno Coatings, Inc is a wonderful exception to this rule, and can be counted on to field the most experienced commercial coatings craftsmen available.

Commercial painting requires skills not typically found on the industrial side, and to be fair, the opposite is also true.

Over the past 40 years, Techno Coatings has built an incredibly large list of successfully completed commercial projects. This experience is evident in each and every commercial project that we are entrusted to implement.

Of particular note is our history of preparing and painting projects on the extra-large size scale, such as hangars, assembly buildings, entire factories, malls, stadia and other large superstructures.

Extra fine commercial finishes have been implemented in Theme Parks, Casinos, Studios, Houses of Worship and Museums. Only Specialty craftsmen with decades of experience are entrusted to this type of work.

Hotels, eating establishments, large retail centers and office complexes are all among the types of structures that fall into Techno's commercial painting division.