Industrial and Commercial Coatings and Abrasive Blasting

Posted Monday, February 04, 2013

Industrial Coatings and Specialty Finishes

Techno provides a full array of coating products to the various industry segments that it serves. Most projects are bid utilizing a pre-written specification that cites exactly what types of materials are to be used. In other cases, Techno Coatings staff can recommend the appropriate material to ensure a beautiful and long lasting result.

Techno has been a leader over the past 40 years in helping to develop modern protective coatings technologies that deliver superior performance, lower lifetime costs and decreased impact on the environment.

· Epoxies

· Urethanes, Fluorinated Polymer Urethanes

· Acrylics, High Build, Acrylic Urethanes

· Zinc Rich Primers and Top Coats

· Solvent Free 100% Solids Plural Component

· Moisture Cure Polyurethanes

· Polyureas