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Bridges and Highway

Appian Way Bridge Long Beach CA
Historical 1st Ave Bridge, San Diego, CA
Historical 1st Ave Bridge, San Diego, CA
Historical Bridge Full Lead Containment
Historical Red Cliff Bridge, Red Cliff, CO
Los Alamos Bridge, New Mexico
Pedestrian Bridge Major Hospital
Pedestrian Bridge San Juan Capistrano, CA

Bridges exist in dozens of sizes, designs, uses and locales. Each bridge presents unique challenges, especially to the industrial coatings contractor.

Techno Coatings, Inc. has prepared and coated bridges for over 40 years, and has encountered and triumphed over the most daunting conditions for bridge coating.

Techno is a California Department of Transportation (Cal-Trans) bridge specialist, perhaps the most exacting bridge coatings client in the country. Strict enforcement of tight specifications coupled with modifiers such as traffic, weather, vertical access over water or chasms and large fines for delays conspire to make Cal-Trans bridge coating a very serious undertaking.

Bridges are often coated with existing lead bearing paint. This is no problem for Techno Coatings, Inc., due to a solid Lead Worker Program, and certified State Lead Workers who are trained and re-trained to be aware of lead hazards, and exactly what procedures are required to remain safe, and comply with State and Federal lead worker laws.

Historical Bridges are an exciting part of the Techno Coatings bridge coatings outreach. These bridges generally have been constructed long ago, but with the character of the day. Beauty and the local significance of the bridge makes these projects more challenging, yet a satisfaction is earned from being part of the historical preservation effort.

Full Containment procedures are utilized when coating large structures such as bridges in order to contain fugitive dust, overspray, and lead bearing particles, if they exist. Bridges are surrounded by a large skeleton style structure, and then "shrink wrapped” in order to completely contain the structure.

Pedestrian Bridges may be coated on site, or better yet, they may be coated in our Anaheim Shop Facility, a 7 acre abrasive blasting and coating facility known as Techno West.