Industrial and Commercial Coatings and Abrasive Blasting

Tanks, Reservoirs and Vessels

Exterior 6 Million Gallon Municipal Reservoir
Exterior Finish 6 Million Gallon Reservoir
Industrial Process Tank Inside and Out
Interior 11 Million Gallon Municipal Reservoir
Marine Fuel Reservoir
Potable Water Filter Tanks
Theme Park Animal Life Filter Tanks
Theme Park Animal Life Filter Tanks
Wastewater Chemical Storage Tanks
Modern Tank and Reservoir preparation and coatings follow very strict guidelines usually overseen by a third-party inspector.  Tight specifications are enforced relating to everything from anchor profile depth, mil thickness of each coat, and even humidity.
Techno Coatings thrives in this environment, as it underscores our strengths for providing specification driven results, in a safe, teamwork situation.
Techno Coatings is SSPC QP1, QP2 and QP3 Certified, an industry accomplishment rare in the trade.  This certification indicates that the owner can be comfortable that we are a top-notch coatings company and follow all of the best practices in the industry.  We are audited every year by the SSPC to ensure we are maintaining its strict requirments.
Abrasive blasting is often a requirement for recoating tanks and reservoirs.  Techno's large inventory of equipment is our first line of on-time delivery.  Tanks are often fully contained or "shrink-wrapped" in order to contain fugitive dust, noise, and any possible lead bearing airborne particles.
Large sized tanks up to and exceeding 11 million gallons are no problem for our trained crews and management.  Techno is adept too at coating a series of tanks at the same time, regardless of size.