Industrial and Commercial Coatings and Abrasive Blasting

The Techno Coatings Story

With the advent of space age technologies, Michael Birney, President/CEO of Techno Coatings Inc., founded the company to encourage the use and development of new techniques in the coatings field.

 Michael Birney, coming from the third generation involved in the painting industry, was given the opportunity to study under some of the great masters in his field. Aware of the pitfalls of specializing in just one area of the coating industry, Birney, along with key personnel, soon developed TCI into a full service, multi-faceted coatings company.
 Some of the services provided by TCI include painting, waterproofing, building restoration, epoxy injection, high build and specialty coatings, abrasive blasting, lead abatement, high pressure hydroblasting, steam and chemical cleaning and tailor made maintenance programs for either long term or on an as-needed basis.
 Mr. Birney feels that the success of TCI is due largely to ethical business practices, highly qualified employees, top notch credit and association with clients whose companies follow the same practices.
Maintaining a standard of superior service and keeping abreast of the latest in technology, TCI has become and remains one of the largest and most successful coatings contractors in the USA.
TCI and its employees look forward to serving your company's needs.