Industrial and Commercial Coatings and Abrasive Blasting


Clarifier Abrasive Blast and Coat
Clarifier Abrasive Blast and Coat
Headworks Intake Pipe Interior
Wastewater Aeration Tank Piping
Wastewater Aeration Tank Piping
Wastewater Chemical Process Area
Wastewater Pump Skid and Piping
Watewater Valve Manifold and Riser Pipes
Techno Coatings caters to water and wastewater facilities in all of the western states.  Services include corrosion mitigation through a quality coatings workplan, coupled with condition-based analysis surveys and implementation.
Water and Wastewater facilities are particularly vulnerable to loss-of-asset conditions due to the constant corrosive effects of water, chemicals, gasses and other pollutants.  A quality corrosion control plan is essential in preserving costly equipment and structures.
Techno has logged decades of experience preparing and coating Digesters, Clarifiers, aeration basins, headwork manifolds, ancillary piping, pumps and attendant structures.
Condition-based-analysis surveys are generated in order to provide management with a "roadmap" that is very useful toward keeping the plant within a corrosion maintenance status, thus addressing only those areas that require protective coatings, and leaving other areas for subsequent cycles.