Industrial and Commercial Coatings and Abrasive Blasting

Power and Energy

Air-Cooled Condenser
Big Creek Hydro Station
Bighorn ACC
Coal Plant Baghouse Filter Project
Coastal Boiler Plant
Combined Cycle Power Plant
Cooling Tower
Coating specifications in the power and energy sector occur over a  broad range of conditions.  These include typical steel and structural steel coatings specs.  However, a collection of specialty coatings products and procedures also come into play during the construction and maintanance periods of any power project.
These include concrete containment coatings, floor coatings, high-heat coatings, tank exteriors and interiors, specialty piping coatings, above and below grade, gloss-retentive urethanes and marine environment coatings resistant to wet and chemical laden cooling tower areas and close-to-shore facilities.
Techno Coatings, Inc. has applied coatings to every conceivable power and energy project currently existing.  These include yesteryear's old coastal boiler configurations, today's modern combustion turbine simple cycle and combined cycle plants, solar, nuclear, hydro and geothermal.
Techno has also been active in transmission coatings, including large-scale transmission tower work, underground vaults and substation coatings.  Techno has energized work area veterans available any time.