Abrasive Blasting

Project scopes range from small structural shapes requiring minimal equipment and labor to large-scale challenges such as bridge, edifice, truss, gantry crane, hangar and marine structures.

Techno fields one of the industry's largest complements of abrasive blasting equipment, including large "canned sand" units, large dust collection and air handling rolling stock and literally tons of ancillary assets such as hoses, nozzles, blast hoods, small pots, and the like.

Full containment is commonly used to prevent fugitive dust, noise and lead bearing paint chips "contained" in a shrink-wrap environment. Techno can offer this valuable option on those projects where applicable. In this fashion, workers are surrounded by a "negative air" enclosure that guarantees full recovery of any by-product of the abrasive blasting operation.

Abrasive blasting can also be conducted in the night hours when the impact on surrounding activity is minimized. Traffic control is available from Techno Coatings for projects that are over or adjacent to active traffic lanes.

NACE certified inspectors, under Techno's employ, inspect daily and keep logs that guarantee to the owner or client a surface preparation level required by the specification. Appropriate levels of surface cleanliness and roughness or "anchor profile" are vital to proper coatings adhesion. Logs are turned into the client as part of the project history.