Field Touch Up and Tie-In

Work that is abrasive blasted and coated at Techno West Shop Coatings Facility may be followed onto the project site for field touch-up and finish coating by veteran Techno Coatings applicator staff.

Offering a unique one stop service, estimators and project managers may obtain pre-construction budget numbers for all coatings scope from abrasive blasting, to prime coat, intermediate and finish coats.

Historically separate entities were required to shop coat and then another to touch up and tie-in coated shapes. The shop's responsibility ended at their gate, the field painter would only accept responsibility for the top coat. This left a "quality gap” where no entity would accept responsibility for the entire process.

Now by utilizing the professional shop services of Techno West, combined with the nationally recognized field services of Techno Coatings, Inc., project managers may deliver to the owner a total, turn-key coatings product, free of finger pointing and enjoying comprehensive quality control and documentation for the entire life of the process.

Scheduling is much easier when both shop and field coatings services are managed by the same entity. Just-in-time delivery to the site is met by professional field applicators ready to tie the shapes into the project.

Specifications are tightly implemented at the Techno West Shop in order to support a successful field tie-in. This is not always the case with separate shop/field situations.

Inspections are conducted by trained in-house NACE coating inspectors at both shop and field locales.

The result is a seamless; quality documented, and professionally applied and inspected coating scope, by one entity taking responsibility for the sum total of the job.